Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quiznos evicted from the Ivy's Building

A notice has been placed in the door at the Quiznos in the Ivy's Building uptown.  The notice says that the space has been locked by the Sheriff, and the restaurants is locked down with the lights off.

A quick look at the statute that is referenced in the notice indicates that the Sheriff claimed the property because of an eviction.  Quiznos must not have been paying its rent.  Under North Carolina General Statute 42-36.2, the Sheriff therefore has the right to possess the property.

That was a good Quiznos- but it was a lot of space.  There is also empty space next to the Quiznos in the Ivy's Building.  Those spaces do not have street frontage like Bojangles and Qdoba in the same building, which may make it hard to attract business.   If Quiznos doesn't make a comeback, we hope to see more retail there soon.

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